Agency Organization Training


Agency Organization Training

Gwen’s Girls began to provide direct service in May 2002. Since then, we have become a premier agency on issues relating to girls.

Our gender-responsive training programs recognize the risk factors most likely to impact the targeted gender group and the protective factors that can build resiliency and prevent delinquency. Our program incorporates promising practices meant to help girls get back on a positive development track and avoid future delinquent behavior.

Training Overview

The Gwen’s Girls Training Department was designed to provide gender-responsive training to agencies and organizations that work with girls. Our primary goals are to remain abreast of best practices related to gender-responsive programs and to become a premier external provider and resource for gender-responsive services in the community, county, state, and nation.

All of the Gwen’s Girls training programs can be presented on-site and customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Cost-Effective Trainings

Core Elements of Gender-Responsive Programming

Teen Pregnancy and Parenting

The Traumatization of Girls

Working with Families in Crisis

Gender Identity and Gender Variance

Effects of Parental Substance Abuse

Examining the Mother-Daughter Relationship

Female Development

Grandmothers as Caregivers

Unique Issues for Girls of Color

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