School based & Community based Services

Dedicated to the transformation of girls.

Gwen’s Girls offers School-Based and Community-Based Services, utilizing research-based curriculum to provide a prevention education that can be tailored to specific age groups and settings.

Since its inception, Gwen’s Girls has worked with at-risk girls from neighborhoods with limited resources. We understand this population and the girls’ developmental and sociological factors. Most struggle with self-esteem and self-image and are in need of additional support and guidance beyond what schools are able to provide. We know it is important to provide a safe place for girls to learn additional skills so they can build a foundation to cope with issues like poverty and violence. We also know that in order to engage this population and retain this engagement, these programs and services must be offered in the girls’ own neighborhoods in a community-based setting.






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Making positive life choices.

Gwen’s Girls’ Making Positive Life Choices (MPLC) is a unique, gender-responsive, 18-week curriculum that has been developed and refined based on our years of school-based delivery to various public schools and neighborhoods. MPLC deals with behavior in context, enabling each girl to focus on her individual needs, to understand how risk factors have shaped her development and to address issues that arise in her relationships with others, including family, peers, community, and society as a whole.

Our curriculum has been refined to be age appropriate based on past evaluations and experiences with different age groups, and it is delivered through a group approach. Groups are opportunities for girls to come together with peers with similar challenges and ambitions, learn life skills, discover their unique talents and have fun. We know that a girl’s peers are one of the major influences in her life. Providing each girl with a safe environment in her community in which to build healthy relationships can make all the difference in the decisions she makes and the future she chooses.