We’re Counting Down to #ONEDAY!

We’re Counting Down to #ONEDAY!

by | Apr 30, 2019 | See the Best In Me BLOG | 0 comments

One day, all girls, regardless of race or income, will receive the trauma-informed care they need and deserve.

#ONEDAY is May 7th! On this day, The Pittsburgh Foundation will issue a critical needs alert, creating a sense of urgency for the public to make online donations to support basic needs and human services. #ONEDAY benefits nonprofits, like Gwen’s Girls, that provide direct service in one of five areas, including mental health.

Every donation of $25 or more will trigger additional funding from an incentive pool.

Your donation will support our mental health services, a vital, integral part of our programming. We deliver trauma-informed care, counseling and therapy to our girls and their families. All of our services are designed to help our girls build healthy, positive relationships, social skills and life skills. Services include anger and mood management groups, which are critical since our girls are at risk for abuse (physical, mental and/or sexual), neglect, parent/child conflict and involvement in the juvenile justice system.

Your donation helps ensure that our girls will grow and thrive emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. We thank you in advance for considering Gwen’s Girls on May 7th #ONEDAY.